Instrument Repair: Guitar, Amps, Violin, Cello, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, & Restoration of All Kind

Our repair department has expanded! We are the only music store on the north side of Chicago that offers repair service on

*Brass and Woodwind instrument

*Bowed Instruments including double bass'

*Stringed Instruments including but not limited to guitars, banjos, ukulele

*Electronic instruments including amps, circuit boards & keyboards

Flatts and Sharpe is your one stop shopping resource for all instrument repairs. Feel free to come in and ask questons from our knowledgable staff or pick up parts to do it yourself at home.

Our Repair Team:

Jusitn Chaves & Sean Hearns, These two gentleman have been trained and have experience working on all bowed instruments as well as guitars and amps. Both repair techs have worked at numerous shops around Chicago and the East Coast. Justin has been with Flatts and Sharpe for 3 years and Sean joined our team 2 years ago. Your instruments will be in safe hands with these two!

Steve Abbott is our Brass and Woodwind Repair Tech

Below is a list of our repair prices. However, all prices are estimates and your instrument may need special attention.


bowed instruments/nylon string instruments/banjo/mandolin


 floyd rose bridged instruments  


auto harps $125-$150

Guitar restring




Guitar and Bass 


Floyd Rose/7 string





Input Jack Install $15.00

Pickup Install


$30.00($15.00 for each additional)

Re-fret $200.00+ Depending on neck
Fret Level $150.00+
Strap Button Install $10.00
Bone Nut or Saddle $40.00
plastic nut install $20.
crack repair per inch $10.
Undersaddle Pickup on Acoustic Guitar $70.00
clean electronics top load(strat style) $20. - $25.
clean electronics back load(lp style) $10. - $20.

replace pot

for each additional.Additional charge may apply based on pre-existing faulty wiring.

$15. - $20.

all other electronics work $60 per hour billed in 15 min increments including full rewires of instruments

and any other custom work that is desired


Violin/Viola Bridge $175.00
Cello Bridge $120.00
Ebony Nut $15.00
Fingerboard Dressing $50.00-$75.00
Peg Fitting $8.00 per Peg
New Soundpost $35.00-$55.00

Brass--Clean & Flush

Lacquer Trumpet/Cornet $45.00
Silver Plated Trumpet $55.00-$65.00
Trombone $45.00
French Horn $75.00
Double Horn $85.00
Baritone $75.00
Tuba $85.00

Woodwind Repad and Overhaul

Clarinet $225.00-$325.00
Oboe $225.00-$325.00
Flute $225.00-$300.00
Openhole Flute $250.00-$350.00
Alto Sax $300.00-$400.00
Tenor Sax Estimate
Bari Sax Estimate

*All  repairs require an assessment of the instrument before an estimate can be reached.

*All prices are estimates. Your instrument may require special attention.

*All prices do not include parts or strings.








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