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Elenna Sindler

Elenna Sindler, born and raised in the Chicago area, is a performer-composer of experimental classical and pop music. She has studied and performed in a wide variety of genres throughout her career— classical, jazz, musical theatre, and commercial pop/rock. She has a degree in Voice and Opera from Northwestern University, where she studied with classical voice with Theresa Brancaccio, and music composition with Alex Temple.

As a contemporary classical vocalist, she has performed locally at EarTaxi Festival and at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, where she developed and wrote music for a Vacuum Cleaner Opera art installation. She has also worked with vocalist Lucy Dhegrae at soundSCAPE (Cesena, Italy), Studio Musik Fabrik (Cologne & Darmstadt, Germany), the Brooklyn Metro Chamber Orchestra (NYC), and most recently with Present Music (WI). As a pop performer she has performed at various venues such as Schubas, Wells Street Art Festival, and the Jazz Showcase, among others.

With an extensive background and love for theater, she has worked with A Red Orchid Theatre on multiple occasions, as a composer and music director. In her role as a music director, she taught music to actors ranging from 11-40 with all different levels of experience. She loves working with people to help them achieve their musical goals, and she loves seeing her student’s confidence grow and guiding them into trusting their own abilities!

Elenna believes that teaching voice is not about teaching a student to “sound like so-and-so.” Rather, it is all about aiding students to discover their own voice, guiding students to discover what feels healthy and good in their bodies, and embracing each individual’s unique background and interests.

What I Teach: Voice
My Location: Norwood Park