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Lauren Dessinger

Lauren Dessinger, born and raised in the Detroit-area, is a performer-composer of electroacoustic vocal music and indie/pop music. She has studied and performed in a wide variety of genres throughout her career— classical, jazz, musical theatre, and commercial pop/indie/neo-soul. She has a degree in Voice Performance from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where she studied classical voice with Dr. Kerry Deal and Dr. Michael Strauss. Lauren also studied classical flute and piano competitively under Detroit Symphony Orchestra musician, Sharon Sparrow from age 6 and continues her studies today.

As a contemporary classical vocalist, she has performed a range of works from John Harbison’s Mirabai Songs, and Three Poems of Fiona MacLeod to Respighi’s Dietà Silvane and other popular arias for Lyric Coloratura soprano. She has also sung with the choir at St. James Cathedral in downtown Chicago.
As a songwriter and pop performer she has performed at various venues such as the Zebulon, and NAVEL in Los Angeles, and recently has started a indie-pop band based in Chicago. Songwriting and improvisation have become more prevalent in her career in the past few years. She has been featured with Alpha Pup Records and has produced music for feature films in collaboration with Boston Moving Arts Company.

With an extensive background and love for directing and theater, she has worked with Nathan Troupe and Doug Lockwood at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and directed musicals at her high school at Grosse Pointe South. In her role as an assistant director, she taught music to actors ranging from 14-35 with all different levels of experience. She loves working with people to help them achieve their musical goals, and she loves seeing her students’ confidence grow and guiding them into trusting their own abilities!

Lauren believes that teaching voice is about freedom. Finding the balance between curiosity and structure is crucial to maintaining the joy of playing music. Everyone has a voice that is unique to them and honing that in a healthy way, in a judgement-free zone can lead to many amazing discoveries!

What I Teach: Piano, Voice
My Location: Norwood Park