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Matt Tatone

Matt Tatone is a multi instrumentalist with an engaging and dynamic personality specializing in Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele. He has a BA in Vocal Performance and Theatre from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He’s performed on many stages across Minneapolis and Chicago in musicals, plays and comedy shows. His favorite role was playing guitar virtuoso Carl Perkins in the musical Million Dollar Quartet for 179 performances!
Matt is a very well rounded teacher who works really well with all age groups. He is very good at catering to each student’s individual needs in terms of goals and style. Older students are encouraged to pick their favorite music to learn from while younger students are guided at a young age to develop their own musical tastes as well as technique on their instrument.
Also, he runs a dog daycare and boarding service out of his house with his wife, so sometimes he might hand you a dog treat if you’re a good boy in your lesson. He has two huskies and loves dogs so please bring in your puppy pictures!
What I Teach: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
My Location: Norwood Park